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Sowing Seeds of Life in Word and Deed
Sowing Seeds of Life in Word and Deed

Welcome to Life Seeds

Life Seeds was established in 2006 by a group of  Corvallis  Christians from several local churches.

Our goal is to put feet to our faith and show love in action.

Life Seeds is committed to the principles of partnerships, accountability, sustainability and empowerment . These principles guide us in choosing the programs we support. We favor programs that help people have the tools to create a better life. At the same time, we want to demonstrate compassion to those who have no options: the aged widow and the orphan.

After 2 trips to India and developing relationships with pastors and organizations from India since 2005, an opportunity opened up to build a neighborhood school. People in Oregon were eager to support this venture, but wanted tax deductability, so the idea for Life Seeds was born.

We  went to Uganda in 2006 and developed contacts there with a group of orphan centers in eight different villages. Life Seeds is working with Americans with ministries in Uganda. These Americans live in Uganda on a full time basis.  Jonathan Beggs, of Development Companions International set up and now provides oversight to our women’s literacy programs.

Our group has  been involved with local outreach over the past 6 years. We have a monthly grocery giveaway program, and a Christmas grocery and gift giveaway.

We’d like to continue and expand these ministries as volunteer and financial support increase.


Our Uganda Program focuses on empowering the dis-empowered groups in Uganda in these three key areas: education, health and women’s literacy. The focus is 100% on teaching individuals to thrive in a culture where they are marginalized. (Learn More ♥)



Life Seeds is involved in the following programs in India to sow seeds of life to those in need. Many widows in India have no right to inheritance, are abandoned by their society and forced to beg on the streets. Some of the widows had been begging for the last 15 years. . Since December (Learn More ♥)


On the last Saturday of every month, Life Seeds partners with Love Inc., Corvallis Foursquare Church, Gleaners, and community volunteers to deliver groceries to families and individuals in emergent need of food. Early Saturday morning volunteers purchase groceries, then gather at Corvallis Foursquare Church to  package the food for each family on the list. The names (Learn More ♥)


ASHA Ministry Spring Outreach Mar.- May 2017 in North and South India

March Mission trip to North India (Himachal, Punjab and Haryana States)  Himachal Pradesh: Literally (“Snow-land”) is in the western Himalayas bordering the Tibet area of China. 95.43% of the 7.1 million population are Hindus and 0.079% Christian. Nearly 80 people attended the 2 days training meetings by Rev. Jayan. A man's hearing was restored and (Read More ♥)

Zion Ministry Spring Outreach Mar.-May 2017 in South India

Life Seed's Pastor's Support Program in Andhra Pradesh, S. India brings outstanding Word and Deed Outreach. Helping families recover from addictions, domestic abuse, holding health clinics and praying for the sick, promoting education and mentoring youth; these hard working Pastors bring healing and productivity to Unreached Villages.  Free Sewing Class and Equipment to Help Poor (Read More ♥)

Zion Ministry Winter Outreach Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017 in South India

Dec. 2016 Christmas Outreach: Blankets, Clothes, Food, Bibles, Bikes Jan. 16, 2017 Koya Tribe Outreach/Pastor A. Satyanandham serves 3 Koya Churches. Life Seeds purchased a moped for him.  Jan.28, 2017 Thiruvru is 60 km from Borrampalem. Pastor Prakash started this House Church through Cell Phone Ministry 3 years ago. This was the first time he met these (Read More ♥)