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This love story began in 2003 when a missionary prayed for Sherry and prophesied that she would make 7 trips to India.

Sherry responded by telling God she would pay attention to India and see if this was indeed His Word to her. Soon after that, a pastor from India visited her church.  She and her husband became friends with Pastor Prem. He invited them to visit India to see first hand the work of  their ministry.

On the day he was to leave,  Pastor Prem called her and left a message,  saying he was flying back to India that night, thanking Sherry and Lee for their friendship.

That same day, Sherry had received a large sum of cash and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to give it to Pastor Prem. She had no idea how she was going to get this done as she knew he was preparing to fly out of Portland that night and did not know how to reach him. So she prayed, “If this is really you, God, you will have to help me find him.”

Later that evening, Sherry picked up a friend on their way to an autoharp class. Standing out on the sidewalk across the street from her friend’s house, was Pastor Prem. He had shared dinner with a mutual friend and was  just leaving as she pulled up.  What are the chances of that?   Sherry saw this as one more confirmation that she was to go to India.

At that time, Sherry and her husband Lee were holding Life Team meetings in their home.   Christians from several local Corvallis churches met together to study Biblical healing through John G. Lake Ministries.  This group of people was the foundation of what is now Life Seeds.

Sherry took her first trip to India in 2005 with Miriam Ebert and fell completely in love with the people there.  She shared her testimony and God’s Word in many villages.  She and Miriam  held a Pastor’s Seminar and shared the healing message they had received. They prayed for hundreds of people who were touched by God and healed, confirming His Word and call to her.

Sherry and Miriam were humbled by the sacrificial love of Pastor Prem and Pastor Prem’s brother, Jayan, who oversaw a Bible School where students laid down their lives to take the gospel to unreached areas in India. After 10 years overseeing the Bible School, Jayan  began full time Pastor’s Trainings in North India (Asha Ministry), supported by Life Seeds.

Sherry has made 5 out of the 7 prophesied trips to India and has seen hundreds of miraculous healings and many put their lives and trust in Jesus.  Life Seeds built an accredited school for the poor there in 2009 that grew from 80 students to 650 in 2016 and became self sustaining in 2017.  Many other self sustaining projects have been established in India through Life Seeds Oregon, ie. sewing classes, food stands, clothes shops, etc. to help the people economically. During monsoon flooding and the COVID pandemic, life saving food outreach was given through pastors Life Seeds helps support.  Your prayers and support of our outreach with Asha Ministry is sowing tangible seeds of life, God’s love in word and deed, to the unreached of India.

You can reach Sherry by phone at 541.230.4526 or email her by filling out the simple contact form below.


Sherry Sorby has a powerful passion for spreading Jesus’ love and healing everywhere she goes, but has a particular love for people in India.