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Sowing Seeds of Life in Word and Deed

Happy Easter! Thank you for giving seeds of new life and hope to India this Winter! Jan.-Mar. 2019 India Update

Pastor Prem and Zion Ministry Pastor Support

Lee and Sherry Sorby had an inspiring 3 weeks travel through North and South India meeting with pastors, educators, and self sustaining programs Life Seeds Oregon supports.

The Tailoring and Sewing Class Instructors and graduates shared their life changing stories with us! We are so thankful for this fruitful Word and Deed Outreach!

Passionate young leaders in Jayan’s trainings inspired us! The End Time Harvest Bible School in Haryana trains ministry leaders and has a very successful addiction recovery program.

We were able to see a new Adult Literacy Class and view the great curriculm that's used

We were able to see our newest Adult Literacy Class and view their curriculm. This included nutrition and health, safety and family life, business, agriculture, knowing their rights and responsibilities as citizens of India, and more.

Principal Ghanta Srinu, his wife, and I are here at the school office. It is still self sustaining at 700 students and Lee and I enjoyed greeting the staff and children. The community would like the school to expand for more students. Please pray for wisdom and local support for them.

Jayan’s pastors/leaders trainings are in demand. Rural pastors are so encouraged by Jayan’s ASHA and SAARC ministry and thankful to be better equipped to help their communities! Many in tribal villages have no transportation and often pastor more than one community. Life Seeds was able to donate 2 mopeds and 6 bicycles recently to pastors.

It was a joy to pray with the Widowed at Zion Ministry’s Feeding and Discipleship Program and discover more ways Prem, his family, and ministry love and help them.

Pastor Yesupadam’s church and home were destroyed this fall from flooding. There was no place to rent for his family so he rebuilt his own home with Prem and Life Seeds support. What a pleasure meeting this hard working pastor and family. He’s hosting our latest Tailor and Sewing Class in his village and it is going really well!

Pastor Moshe’s tribal village of 200 families had no electricity when we met him. Zion Ministry and Life Seeds partnered to get solar panels installed on top of his hut. Prakash, Prem’s son, shared with many village families who came to celebrate this event!

We thank God for Pastor Nani Babu, the oldest Peddoju brother, and his wife, Rani, who pastor a church in Vizag. Nani Babu hosted a beautiful thanksgiving celebration for their newborn baby granddaughter, then we went to their church where HIV widowed were brought to receive nutritious food bags. Nani Babu has been a supporter of his brother’s Prem and Jayan’s outreach for many years. We love him and pray for his family and ministry. Life Seeds has been blessed to partner with the Peddoju brothers’ life giving ministries!