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Update from India

Reid Sharing

Reid Sharing


Dear Friends,

In this update of photos from Pastor Prem in India, I am including a note from Anne Murphy, who with her husband, Reid, recently returned from visiting Pastor Prem. Reid and Anne have helped in building our school, built several churches in India, and recently supported the remodel and expansion of the church in Borrampalem. We are so grateful for their prayers and support. Here is Anne:

“We just returned from visiting Prem, and his family, in Borrampalem, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are from Eagle Point, Oregon, USA and the two places could not be more different, but our love for God and our families are the same. We wanted to see for ourselves Prem, his ministries, vision for sharing Jesus with India and experience his daily life. It was an amazing, encouraging and wonderful experience, although driving in India is quite scary! Prem and his brothers, Jayan and Nanibabu, are the real deal; humble men who serve God with their whole lives, hard working, diligent, generous and genuine. They are training pastors to teach truth, establishing churches in 12 villages around them and showing Jesus’ love, compassion and forgiveness to the people who only know the fear of trying to please hindu gods”.

Chuck Swindol said “true ministry occurs when divine resources meet human need through loving channels….and all service done in Jesus’ name will be blessed.” “We found that Prem’s life and actions are for Christ, not himself. There is great joy when we allow God to bless others through us and we want to encourage you to give generously to this ministry, for it is all about giving Jesus’s love and hope to a very hopeless people”. Reid and Anne Murphy

Photo Update India

Pastor Prem and Anne