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ASHA Ministry Spring Outreach Mar.- May 2017 in North and South India

March Mission trip to North India (Himachal, Punjab and Haryana States) 

Himachal Pradesh: Literally (“Snow-land”) is in the western Himalayas bordering the Tibet area of China. 95.43% of the 7.1 million population are Hindus and 0.079% Christian. Nearly 80 people attended the 2 days training meetings by Rev. Jayan. A man’s hearing was restored and there were children and women healed of disease. Some recommitted their lives to God and missions and Rev. Jayan’s driver received Jesus as Savior and Lord of his life. A Pastor’s wife has a small wool weaving machine and the family is supported by this. Life Seeds helped buy wool and supplies for her to train more women to weave and sell woolen clothes in the market, helping them self sustain in this difficult area and further God’s love.

Punjab: Pastors and leaders representing different organizations attended the training and were blessed. Several said it was the first time they heard the principles about the purpose of the Church, its function, and the importance and methods of discipleship. The seminar went on well for three days. Several leaders rededicated themselves for the ministry. We found young trained teachers who have experience running a school and are willing to partner with us in Punjab, where they’re needing more schools that teach English. One of the teachers attended our training in 2015 and was motivated to bring his friend on this trip and talk to me about his vision and partnering with us. We praise God for the way He is multiplying leaders through the trainings. Our vision is to build transformation leaders to bless the communities and it’s happening. Hallelujah! Please pray for our desire to help start a school in Punjab as God opens the doors for us. 
Haryana: We praise God for these young emerging leaders here who are dedicated to the cause of the ministry. They all are first generation Christians except 4 members. Our teaching on comparative religion and Christ’s model of servant leadership challenged and impacted them. It was a life changing experience for all those young people who have energy, skills and desire to do great things for God.
April Outreach in Andhrah Pradesh South India: Our mission trip to Chhattisgarh N. India was postponed due to triple digit heat. However, Ahkil, my son, graduated from YWAM and returned home. He invited 2 friends and together they led Children’s Ministry and Tribal Outreach. I also held several meetings to help the churches take God’s love to  the high caste communities and remote areas.
May mission trip to Punjab and JammuKashmir

We had 2 wonderful trainings in Firozpur and Gurdaspur districts of Punjab. These 2 districts are military containment areas that border Pakistan. Most of the leaders serving the Lord had limited understanding of the function of the church and purpose of ministry. The trainings gave great results in their personal and spiritual lives and all were encouraged and motivated. We had evening meetings in the churches and open public meetings. Jyothi also preached the word and Akhil and Anusha shared their testimonies both in Punjab and Jammu. The Lord moved powerfully and people were delivered from sickness and experienced genuine heart change. We thank God for a great stay in a Village President’s home during the meetings and a new friendship with an army officer who invited us to his home for tea where we prayed for his family.  We could not go into Kashmir due to the violence and killing that was taking place, but we praise God for Jammu ministry and the contacts we made there. Please pray for Kashmir that God’s love will expand and unite the people in peace.

We praise God for each of you who contributed in different ways to our Spring Outreach. The Lord has been so good in training, equipping, envisioning and challenging the North Indian church and its leadership. May the Holy Spirit water it and bring hundred fold fruit. Amen