Lifeseeds Oregon
Sowing Seeds of Life in Word and Deed

Happy Thanksgiving from Life Seeds! Thanking God for Your Prayers and Charitable Support!

Life Seeds Board Members and Pastor Jayan (ASHA and SAARC Ministries India) for all your service and hard work!

Thank you to all who attended the Life Seeds 2018 Fall Fundraising Dinner and everyone who sent their prayers and generous support! May the seeds of life you planted be multiplied forward and back again to you for much fruitfulness.  Updates were given by Robin Becker for Jonathan Begg’s Uganda DCI Literacy, Kelly Kapple for Life Seed’s Benton County Grocery Outreach, Sherry Sorby for Pastor Prem’s Zion Ministries of South India, and special guest, Pastor Jayan Peddoju, for ASHA and SAARC Ministries of North India. Thank you Jody Eaton (JNJ Creations ) for the delicious food and help sponsoring the dinner along with the generosity of sponsors Integrity Floors and Korvis Automation. Special shout out to Corvallis Foursquare (use of their church) and Corvallis Evangelical (use of their Kitchen). Medford Westminster Presbyterian, Reid and Anne Murphy of Eagle Point, and Harvest Christian Center Sweethome and Corvallis Campuses were all greatly appreciated for their generosity and hospitality extended to Pastor Jayan while he was here in Oregon.