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Zion Ministries School in Borrampalem: Student Enrollment Growth from 350 to 650 in 2015!

Life Seeds Board Members, Lee and Sherry Sorby, toured the wonderful school in Dec.2014, met the Teachers and Support Staff, visited classrooms, and went over the student’s scores and accounting with the Principal. Additional teachers and support staff were hired, more bathrooms built, and additional room.

Pastor Prem reports that Grace Public School (GNR) recently took first place in academics and sports in their Mandal.


Pastor Prem, Rada, a Teacher from our school, and Anitha, an Engineer from the church, all helped mentor and disciple the girls at the Borrampalem Girls Hostel.

Sherry met Rada in 2005…her hip and leg were affected by polio and she came for prayer. It was great joy to see her again in 2014 and witness the woman she grew to become. Rada teaches computer classes 6 days a week. On her day off she mentors at the hostel and directed the girls in an inspiring India Christmas Program. Their beautiful songs, dances, and orations really blessed the Sorbys.

Lee and Sherry also met Anitha, a dedicated Engineer who faithfully does community outreach through the church. Life Seeds gave the girls and staff lovely Christmas necklaces and we received lots of warm thank you hugs from over 50 girls!


In Tribal and unreached areas in rural Andhrah Pradesh, S. India, 3 churches were built and 3 House Churches started. The church buildings bring castes together and facilitate Medical Clinics, while the Pastors and congregation help domestic violence victims, addicts, the persecuted and their families. Pastors were supported with Bibles, bicycles, clothes, medical help, portable sound systems, church construction, and support for their outreach. The Sorbys interviewed the Pastors for Life Seeds, prayed with them, and participated in many Christmas outreaches with them.

Rev.Jayan and Jyothi Peddoju of Asha Ministries began Pastoral/Lay Leader Trainings in N. India and have held  trainings in Orissa(Odisha),  Punjab, and Haryana. Life Seeds has received great feedback from attendees! Jayan’s invitation into other N. India states grows as well as some SAARC nations.

Christmas week, an outreach of clothes and financial support was taken by Rev. Jayan to persecuted Pastors  and families in N. India. Please pray for this outreach.


Additional Widows and Widowers have been reached. Pastor Prem and Zion Ministries gives them love, food, clothes, medical care and discipleship. The Sorbys interviewed them and prayed with them. Their stories and needs are heart breaking.

Imagine someone coming into a nursing care center and giving each patient one set of clothes, no shoes, and then putting them on the street with no food, nothing but the clothes on their back. That’s what many of our widows/widowers face daily. We gave them new clothes from Life Seeds and learned how Zion Ministries helps them receive medical help. Because of the age and safety of their former shelter, it was demolished. In 2016 a Multipurpose Building was constructed by Zion Ministries with the help of Life Seed’s donations.


Thank you for your prayers and these Ministries! Please pray for the School Staff and children, the widows/widowers coming to our feeding program, and the Pastors and Lay Leaders overseeing these outreaches. Your partnership and prayers are spreading wonderful seeds of life into India!