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Life Seeds ASHA India Update Summer 2021

Wisdom to not be presumptuous is very important…but bold faith and courage to love and help others is vital for life! As India prepares for a 3rd Coronavirus wave, Life Seeds 27 pastors we support, through Jayan and Jyothi’s ASHA Ministry, move forward by God’s grace, love, and courage. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for them during this time of great challenge! Some churches have been closed for almost 2 years due to govt. lockdowns. With jobs lost, schools closed, quarantines, travel restrictions, persecution, sickness and death in communities…the challenges flooded in. But by God’s love and provision, they took courage to bless others and much Good News did happen in North India, the Tribal States, and surrounding countries! In the midst of the virus, lives were saved, transformed, and sustained. God bless you abundantly and multiply the seeds you planted that gave life!  Following are photos of a few of the many grateful people for God and for you!

Sewing Class in Punjab Brought Much Needed Self Sustainment Business 

Food Outreach in Uttarakhand 

 Food Outreach for Pastors in Orissa

Food Outreach in the Foothills of The Himalayas



Food Outreach in Punjab

Food Outreach in Jarkhand

Food Outreach in Bangladesh


10 Tribal Christian Families were persecuted in Orissa and driven into the forest during this recent rainy season. Through one of ASHA Ministry Pastors in a nearby village, Life Seeds helped send food, funds for supplies, and metal sheets for roofing of their makeshift shelters. 3 families initially went back to the village and renounced their faith, drank cow dung water as their  persecutors demanded, and were allowed back. Please pray for the 10 families, the persecutors, the Peace Treaty in process, the Orissa govt. and local officials, and return of the families safely back to their homes and property soon.

Food Outreach in Sri Lanka

Words and Deeds of Life and Hope Continue Because of God’s Love and People!