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Life Seeds Update from Uganda

DCI Adult Literacy Teachers Arrive From Across Eastern Uganda For Training

We praise God that Life Seeds’ support continues to flow oversees to the teachers, pastors, and programs in both Uganda and India during this world wide Coronavirus pandemic. Their country’s closures are seriously affecting the poor and those with little or no safety net. Please continue to remember them with your support and prayers…many depended on their now closed public transportation and borders for their work and sustenance. Our partners in Uganda and India are grateful for your support and prayers. They also are praying for you, along with our Life Seeds Board, for safety, provision, wisdom, and peace during this challenging and uncertain time.

                                             Uganda DCI Adult Literacy Program

In February, DCI Adult Literacy Teachers from across Eastern Uganda arrived at DCI’s office in Mbale for two weeks of Business Entrepreneurship Training. This training helps the teachers create businesses of their own to improve their lives. The business skills training material will be adapted for their Literacy Classes to empower the students and their communities. The new Mbale office serves as a special training facility and helps DCI run their day to day ministries. They can now host all staff and teachers for meetings and trainings there, including their eating and sleeping. This saves DCI a lot of money as they train 20 teachers four times a year with special skills for teaching adults their curriculum and new knowledge.

We are 3 months into 2020 now and the need for literacy classes continues to be great! Villages are begging DCI for their services. The average class member is middle aged and many students are in need of glasses. DCI’s goal is to soon assess the sight of all literacy students and provide glasses to those in need. Most students don’t realize they need glasses until they come to the class and start learning. Buying their first pair of glasses is beyond their means so this DCI service will be life changing for them.
DCI Staff At Work During Partial Coronavirus Closures
While Uganda is on partial lock down with borders, airports, and public transportation closed, the DCI team is still working hard to serve the people. Jabez is in Kapchorwa making simple videos to share with the literacy teachers, who then share with their students.  Martin is working from home on the syllabus for the next teacher training. Jumah is working from home with administrative and government compliance tasks. Jonathan, TJ, Daniel, and Shafik are in Kampala using social distancing as they work through DCI’s full load of assignments. They are very thankful for Zoom video conferencing and the low cost mobile data from 9am to 5pm the World Health Organization subsidized to facilitate work from home.


If God prompts you to help DCI ministry at this challenging time, please donate securely through our Paypal button at the top of the page or send a check ( make it out to Life Seeds ) to Life Seeds P.O. Box 174 Corvallis, Or 97339.

For more information about our partner in Uganda, you can view their website by clicking on Jonathan Beggs, Director of DCI below.

Jonathan Beggs, Director of DCI, Overseer of Uganda Literacy and Health Education Programs