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Life Seeds COVID-19 India Update of Pastor’s Food Outreach

Prem Distributing Food in Tribal Village

Dear Friends,

Life Seeds and our India Partner Ministries are praying for you.  The Tribal Regions in India are some of the hardest hit, suffering in need of food. Public Transportation is shut down and most roads and borders closed with police permission required for travel.  Prem and Jayan praise God for your help to feed Tribal Pastors, widowed, and those struggling to survive in these areas. Please continue to pray for protection and provisions for these pastors and people they serve. Closures are planned at least through May. Together let’s pray for more seeds of life to provide food and funds to help meet this critical need.  Prem translated a local news article about their food outreach in April. Highlights were “Jesus said love your neighbor as your self (Gal.5:14). We distributed food and grocery like rice, eggs, onions and vegetables to the widows and poor people. All Glory to God. Pastor preached the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ”. Great press for Jesus and the hard work of these pastors in India! Thank you friends for your prayers and seeds of life planted in India!


If God prompts you to help Life Seeds’ India Partners with food outreach at this COVID-19 challenging time, please donate securely through our Paypal button on the top of this page or send a check ( made out to Life Seeds ) to Life Seeds P.O. Box 174 Corvallis, Or 97339.