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Life Seeds Update of Pandemic Food Outreach to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan

Bangladesh Food Outreach

Thank you for your compassionate generosity and prayers! Life Seeds has been able to expand our COVID-19 Food Outreach into India States of Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra, Jarhkand, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Orissa, and the countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. By God’s grace we’ve been able to coordinate with hard working pastors and volunteers through Jayan and Jyothi ASHA Ministries. We are thankful for Prem and Grace Zion Ministries Food Outreach in Tribal and Rural Areas of Andhra Pradesh. For over 14 years Prem and Grace helped Life Seeds sponsor many pastors, plant churches, set up sewing/tailoring and adult literacy classes, build a self sustaining school, remodel Borrampalem Church and build the Multipurpose Room for the Widowed Program and Medical Camps. We praise God that Andhra Pradesh’s Governor has now made it possible for the widowed to receive gov’t funds directly. With higher populations in North India and surrounding countries, the needs for seeds of life are greater. Please pray for Zion Ministries outreach as we say good bye to our beloved friends in South India and take seeds of life into North India and beyond. Enclosed are a few photos from our pandemic food outreach from April through July. It’s been heartbreaking to hear of people giving up hope, choosing suicide rather than starve to death, and migrant workers trapped far from home without food or work when COVID-19 shut down public transportation. Many walked an incredible number of miles with their families to return home. Too many have died during this global pandemic. We are so grateful for pastors, volunteers, and village leaders who took up the challenge to coordinate food outreaches during strict shut down rules and get the needed permission to distribute the food. We thank God for Life Seeds donors who are giving financially to help save lives. May God richly bless each of you and return 100 fold your generosity and love for others. Please pray for those who are still suffering, for the pastors and front line workers and volunteers, for an end to the pandemic, for wisdom and strength for those in authority, and for Life Seeds outreach to meet ongoing needs. In the midst of this challenge, we’re thankful for God’s tangible love through each of you that is blessing and changing lives. We just sent out funds for our next sewing/tailoring class in N. India and food for Bhutan. We love you, pray for you, and sincerely appreciate each of you!


If God prompts you to help Life Seeds with COVID-19 food outreach in N.India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, or Sri Lanka at this challenging time, please donate securely through our PayPal button on the top of this page or send a check ( made out to Life Seeds ) to Life Seeds P.O. Box 174 Corvallis, Or 97339. We also are giving Grocery Food Cards locally in Benton County. You can designate your donation for Benton County food support by noting Benton County Grocery Outreach.